Creative Writing for Creative Mothers

This online course will support you to build a collection of writing about your personal experience of motherhood. So if you would love to document the reality of becoming a parent, but aren’t sure where to begin, sign up now. 

I will help to ignite your imagination and guide you through the creation of your collection, to build a keepsake for yourself or to save for your child when they grow up, or perhaps even become a parent themselves.

Don’t worry if you haven’t written since school, or if you’ve lost your creative spark in the haze of motherhood. As an experienced teacher and writing specialist, I’ll help you to develop your collection to preserve your thoughts and emotions at this wonderful, turbulent, exhausting time! 


Image Credit: Polly Dunbar @pollydunbar


This online course will guide you through the creation of a keepsake collection of writing, inspired by your experience of motherhood. 


Each week, for six weeks, a new module will be released. The tasks and guidance will be released weekly at the same time, but they will then be accessible for six months. So you’ll be able to work on your writing at a pace and time that works for you and your baby (day or night!), with no need to commit to attending a class, or indeed to getting out of your pyjamas. 


Each module will consist of a shorter task to ignite your imagination and a longer task to get you writing in more depth, resulting in a collection of at least 12 pieces of creative writing. We’ll experiment with poetry, stories, memoirs and more, to develop a varied, personal and honest anthology.

Key Facts

➝ This is an online course.

➝ It costs £97.

➝ The course will be available from Monday 13th January 2020. You can start after this date and immediately access all of the modules that were released before you registered.

➝ A new module will be released every Monday for six weeks, but you can then access it at any time for six months, so there’s no need to commit to being online at a particular time. 

➝ Each week you will be given writing tasks to complete in your own time. Your writing is just for you, so does not need to be submitted. However, if you are proud of a piece and would like to submit it to be shared on our website you can email it to me at any time.

➝ There’s the additional option of week-by-week feedback from me, if you would like personalised guidance, editing and support with your writing.

➝ By the end of this course, you will have a collection of at least 12 pieces of creative writing which will form a book that you can keep for generations to come.


Who am I?

I’m Sarah Parrott, owner of Write Sparks and an experienced teacher and writing specialist. I live in South London with my husband and our wonderful, exhausting 2-year-old son. Throughout our IVF adventure, a difficult pregnancy and raising a child with complex medical needs, I’ve found writing to be a powerful tool to process my emotions, to document our journey and to give me the creative outlet I need. I’m excited about helping other women to access the joy and catharsis that writing can bring to their own experiences of motherhood. 

I’m on Instagram and Twitter @writesparks -come and say hi!